Check-In Our check in kiosk is located on our welcome center, left of the CCBG Kids wing door. If you are a guest select "Guest Check-in" and follow the 2 simple steps to give us the appropriate information to be able to care for your child's individual needs and place them in the correct classroom.

Jr Church is provided for your children to have a safe place to learn about Jesus in a way that they can understand and celebrate. The curriculum is designed to provide Christ-centered, bible-based teaching to help parents and teachers transform children into lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ! First and Second Service Jr Church begins with worship in the room on the LEFT side of the hall. 

Nursery We also provide a staffed nursery for 2nd service where your babies can have a place to play and have fun in a safe setting and give the parents an opportunity to focus on worship and sermon. We love playing with your child during service, however, if your child needs you, we do have a pager system in place so that you will be able to care for your child.

Care Room In the North Wing there is an unsupervised nursery with remote access to the auditorium to view and hear the sermon. This room is provided for nursing mothers, and families who need to care for their child during services.

To view our SAFE PLACE FOR KIDS policy, please open the document below


  • First Service

    Kingdom Kids


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  • Both Services


    under 3

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  • 2nd service

    Bible Hero's


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  • 2nd service



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Sunday School 10:10-10:50 am

We have Sunday School Classes for all ages from September through May in between Sunday Services.

  • Pre-k through 2nd

    Mrs. Rania Haynes teaches our preschool - 2nd grade Sunday school class in the bible hero's classroom on the right side of the South wing. The children learn about Jesus in a fun motivational environment earning prizes for remembering their memory verses and regular attendance!

  • 3-5 grades

    Mrs. Linann Teggart leads our Sunday School Class for children in 3rd through 5th grades in the conference room in the north wing. Children come together and learn about Jesus and how to relate his teaching to their lives in school, extra curricular's, and home life. 

  • Middle school

    Chris and Emily Altstadt lead our middle school class in the south wing left classroom. The children get a little deeper into life application of biblical teachings in a fun environment with their peers. 

Children's Director

Ruth Smith is our Children's Director who oversees all things CCBG Kids including JR Church, Sunday School, middle school, VBS, Nursery and any other scheduled kids' activities. If you have any concerns or if you have any information about your children that would help us connect with them, please let Ruth know so that we can make their experience more comfortable


Volunteering: As you can see we are growing and expanding in our Children's Ministry! We are always looking for teachers and helpers in this ministry; please contact Ruth if you would like to Volunteer.