Handy man help

Are you elderly, a widow, pregnant, a single parent, or have a physical disability and need a "Helping Hand" with:
Lawn Mowed?
Simple repairs?
Oil Change?
Any small tasks?

You can contact the Church Office or Ron Stewart directly to receive a helping hand.

Please understand that our Helping Hands, and our Handy Man ministries are not immediate response ministries and we would need at least a 24 hour notice to facilitate meeting those needs for you.

Ron Stewart - Handy Man Help

Ron Stewart is our elder in charge of our "Handy Man" Ministry. If you need help with some projects around your house like minor repairs, mowing the lawn etc. he can help facilitate that help for you! Please understand this is not an immediate response ministry, as it will take some time to gather people and materials to meet your needs. If you are interested in learning more about this ministry or you need some help please contact Ron at 419-699-8475.