A Safe Place for kids

It is our goal at Christ's Church to provide a safe, comfortable environment for our children to learn and grow in Christ! Because of this, we have in place "a safe place for kids" policy to protect our children and teachers.

We require all of our teachers and helpers to file an application to become involved in our children's ministry.

Christ's Church has a "Hands-Off" discipline policy described below.  We also have classroom expectations for our children posted in each classroom.  These expectations help us provide a safe environment for the children and teachers.

Classroom Expectations of our Children
Be kind to one another
Pay attention and listen
Follow instructions
Talk one-at-a-time
Keep hands and feet to yourself

Discipline Policy                                                                                                        
Proper discipline includes both preventative care and corrective action, and it also helps to create a healthy learning environment.

1) Reward good behavior. Immediate praise and recognition for positive actions are effective ways to encourage more of the same. Inform parents when a child does well or shows improvement.

When inappropriate or disruptive behavior occurs:

2) Remind the child of proper behavior. Remind him/her of the classroom rules and what is expected.

3) Redirect the child. Move him/her to a different situation or area. Separate the child from others when he/she is having difficulty behaving.

4) Remove the child from the group using a time-out chair within the classroom and in view of the volunteer. After an appropriate explanation of the child's behavior, give him/her several minutes to sit alone (the child's age should equal the time-out minutes). When the child is settled, invite him/her to rejoin the group.

5) Return the child to a parent. If steps 1-4 fail to change behavior, the child will be taken to the parent for the remainder of the class. After class, the teacher will explain the problem to the parents and reassure the child that he/she is welcome to join the class next time. The teacher will report the action to the C.E. director or appropriate supervisor.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safety of our children, please contact the church office.